How to Prevent Falls

fall prevention and awareness

Falling can be one of the worst things for seniors. At best, you’ll get off with a few bumps and bruises, but at worst; it means broken bones and a lot of pain. If you fall and can’t get up or reach your phone, you may even end up lying on the floor in pain for hours.

That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you do everything you can to make certain that you won’t fall. Here are a few tips for preventing falls at home.

Eliminate Step Downs

Some homes have sunken living rooms. These areas require you to step down in order to reach the main level of the room. While they may have an interesting look, they’re also one of the biggest contributors to falls. In fact, any part of your home that requires you to step down should be looked at carefully.

One solution is to have someone help you install short ramps instead of the steps, but even this can be dangerous. Railings and handles are definitely a must if you’re going to continue living in a home with step down rooms.

Install Ramps Outdoors

While you may not have a step down area in your home, you may have steps leading up to your front door. This is definitely going to be an issue where you can fall. Railings are a definite must, but if possible, have a ramp installed. Always be careful when going up and down your stairs or ramp, especially when it’s been raining or when there’s a possibility of ice on the steps.

Get an Emergency Alert Device

These devices can be worn around your neck on a lanyard and allow you to contact emergency services if you fall. Some of the more advanced ones can even detect falls and summon help automatically. No matter which type you get, if you’ve fallen before or are afraid you may fall, one of these devices can be a lifesaver.

Remove Rugs or Make Sure They Stay Down

It can be easy to trip over a rug, especially if it tends to bunch up or slide around. Remove any rugs that might lead to an accident or make certain that they stay in place. Those who do use walkers or occasionally need a wheelchair may want to simply remove rugs because they can cause some difficulty.

Remove Clutter

Finally, if you tend to have small things on the floor like little planters, you might want to put them up higher or remove them all together. Anything low to the ground can cause you to trip, so you want to remove as many possible problem items as possible.

Get Assistance

At Unveiling Health, we make it our business to assist seniors in every possible way with our senior home care Twin Cities services. Our staff can help remove most of these fall hazards that may be causing concern within your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one remain wherever you call home, for as long as possible.

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