How Seniors Can Keep Their Minds Active


Seniors can often find themselves falling into a series of dull days, especially if they live in assisted living facilities or a nursing home. They may find that all they do is watch TV, eat, and take naps. When seniors fall into this pattern, it’s easy for their minds to drift and their senses to become dull. That’s why doctors and other experts within the elderly health field suggest that seniors do activities that keep their minds active as often as possible.

Should you find you or your loved one needs a mental challenge, here are a few tips we have for things you can do to keep your mind active.


It doesn’t matter what you read, but read regularly, as reading keeps the mind engaged in a number of ways. It requires you to comprehend what you’re reading at the sentence level but also as how it relates to the rest of the book. It can make you think about the plot, the characters, or the setting. In some cases, it may even send you to the dictionary to learn a new word!

Many home care assistance Twin Cities services will help you keep up with your reading by bringing you books from the library or a local bookstore.


If you get tired of reading, why not try your hand at writing? You can write letters to your friends and relatives, of course, but how about writing stories? If you have young grandchildren, you could write stories for them. You could also try your hand at poetry, too. You could even write your memoirs!

Even if you never show anything you write to anyone, the act of writing can help keep your mind sharp and give you a chance to reflect on your life.

Do Puzzles

Crosswords, Sudoku, word searches…any type of puzzle you can think of, even jigsaw puzzles! All of these activities can keep your mind working. For seniors who are into electronics, there are video games, smartphones, and tablets. There are a lot of games on these devices that can keep the mind active, even language learning games that can help seniors finally learn that second language they’ve always wanted to learn.


Painting not only engages your mind, it also engages your body. While it’s not exercise, it still involves moving your arms and wrists. This can help you deal with arthritis and other issues that cause pain in the arms, wrists, and fingers. Plus, it’s a creative outlet that lets you really let loose and play around with medium and color. You can then give your paintings as gifts to friends and relatives, or display them around your own home as a way to update your interior design.

Get a Pet

Having a pet is a good way of keeping your mind sharp because it involves interacting with them. Now, for some seniors, a pet like a dog or cat may be too much. In this case, you might want to consider something that requires a little less daily work, such as a bird. If you aren’t certain you can keep up with a bird, perhaps you might consider a fish. They’re not as interactive, but they’re still fun to watch!

What other types of activities can you think of to help seniors stay active? Comment below to join the conversation!

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