How can home care help you grow?

What can home care do for you or your loved one? Most people look at home care as a “need” and not wanted. While home care will certainly help you with your needs, home care can also help you satisfy your desires.

We first need to focus on the need for home care to fully realize the positive impact home care can have on you or your loved one’s standard of living. Approximately 1/3 of seniors have a fall every year. About 20% of those seniors suffer severe injuries that make it difficult to live independently. You or your loved one does not have to be one of these statistics. By simply having someone come and complete household tasks can minimize the risk of falling and drastically diminish the chance of a costly hospital visit. Home Care can also help those who are recovering and transitioning back to their home.

Do you see something in common with the above needs for home care? They all focus on the physical need for home care. While this is the root purpose of home care, what about the emotional need for home care? Do you or your loved one find yourself sitting inside sleeping or watching television more often? If so, I ask you this question: If you were physically able, what would you want or enjoy to do that you cannot do right now? Or what did you used to enjoy doing that you can no longer do, due to limitations?

With a little help and encouragement from another person, you would be pleasantly surprised of what you or your loved one can accomplish! You no longer have to live life conforming to the hindrance of your physical limitations, but instead, you can live life to the fullest again! We offer these questions to reflect on when thinking about how home care can help you.

  • What do you need to stay in your home and sustain your standard of living?
  • What do you want/desire?
  • What steps need to be taken?


Unveiling Health believes growth is a never-ending adventure in life, and we serve to preserve and provide the optimal conditions for this exhilarating and transformational experience. If you are interested in Home Care Twin Cities, please give us a call at 651-340-9387.

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